Massor av uppgifter till engelska boken.

Här kommer massa uppgifter James lagt upp på fronter om det är någon som missat det. James kan då inte ens låta bli att ge oss läxor under praktiken ens!

Curious exercises to do!
Skrivet av: James Harding

Hope work experience is going well.
Here are some exercises I want you to have at least started before the next lesson (Tuesday week 6). Should be something for everyone - reading comprehension questions for the first and second half of the book, depending how far you´ve got. Look at the vocabulary exercise too. We´ll go through some of these on Tuesday.
To get to the exercises, click on "uppgifter" and then the folder.
Have fun!

The Curious Incident ... vocabulary to p.80:True or false?

  1. Wounds are what you get when you´re injured or attacked.
  2. A dog´s muzzle is around its legs.
  3. If you stroke a cat it might purr.
  4. If you are unable to do something you can´t do it.
  5. If a bucket is leaking, water will run out.
  6. You can´t trust a faithful friend.
  7. A silk scarf can scratch you.
  8. If you squat you are standing tall.
  9. An assault is an attack.
  10. Laces are what you tie your shoes with.
  11. You can use tweezers to pull out a nail.
  12. A paperclip holds papers together.
  13. Slander is when you write something nasty about someone that is not true.
  14. "He is the apple of my eye" means he really annoys me.
  15. Your nostril is part of your nose.
  16. A caution is what you get for doing something well.
  17. Cremated is another word for buried.
  18. Smoke comes out of a chimney on the roof.
  19. "I haven´t a clue" means I have no money at all.
  20.  Labels on tins tell you what you are eating.
  21. Cutlery means plates, cups, and dishes.
  22.  A groan is a noise made by a machine.
  23.  You can eat slices of ham.
  24.  The "prime suspect" is the person you think has commited a crime.
  25.  If something is ridiculous it scares you.
  26.  If a criminal is "at large" they haven´t been caught yet.
  27.  Pocket money is what parents give their children every week.
  28.  "I gathered that" means I didn´t understand.
  29.  Water runs from the roof to the ground through a drainpipe.
  30.  Being "impressed" by something is a positive thing.
  31.  "Poo" is another word for a bear.
  32.  You can tie a knot with string.
  33.  If something is straightforward it is difficult to do.
  34.  If you are concerned, you don´t really care about something.
  35.  "What was the outcome?" means what was the result.
  36.  If you confess to a crime you say you didn´t do it.
  37.  Your intention is what you mean and want to do.
  38.  38 is a prime number.

The Curious Incident of the Dog ...

See if you can answer these questions

(Up to page 41)

  1. Who´s Mrs Shears?
  2. What´s the dog called?
  3. What kind of dog is it?
  4. Why are the chapter numbers so strange?
  5. Who is Siobhan?
  6. His Dad jokes: "His face was drawn but the curtains were real". Give 2 meanings for "drawn".
  7. At the police station Christopher has to empty his pockets. Name two things he had in them.
  8. How does Christopher like metaphors?
  9. What do he and his Dad do instead of hugging?
  10. Where is his mother?
  11. Why wouldn´t Christopher have Shreddies and tea for breakfast?
  12. Where does his Dad say his mother is first?
  13. What does he decide he´s going to do?
  14. Who´s Toby?

(Up to page 80)

  1. What is "Stranger Danger"?
  2. What is the first bit of real "detection" work he does?
  3. Who becomes Christopher´s first "Prime Suspect"?
  4. What are "Special Needs"?
  5. What is Christopher going to do that will prove he is not stupid?
  6. How did his Mum and Dad get on?
  7. What are some of Christopher´s "Behavioural Problems"?
  8. What does his father make him promise?
  9. What job does Christopher think he´d be good at (and why)?
  10. What phrase does he use to describe a bad day?
  11. What does he see that makes it a "Super Good Day"?
  12. What does he find out about Mr Shears?
  13. Who is Mrs Alexander and why is she important?
  14. What is "The Monty Hall Problem" in Maths he talks about?

The Curious Incident of the Dog ...

Can you answer these questions (page 83 - 202)?

  1. Who is Rhodri?
  2. What is Christopher´s favourite book?
  3. He likes it because there are "clues" and "Red Herrings". What are these?
  4. Why does Christopher like Sherlock Holmes?
  5. He says his memory is like a film. What does he mean?
  6. What caused the argument and fight between Christopher and his Dad?
  7. What are some of the reasons Christopher gives for hating yellow and brown?
  8. Where does his father take him to show he is sorry?
  9. Christopher talks about the fake fairy photographs and how "Occam´s razor" is true. What does this law say?
  10. What did Christopher find in his Dad´s room?
  11. What happened to his mother´s toes?
  12. According to Christopher´s mother, how do she and his father differ?
  13. How does Christopher react when he realizes his mother has been alive all this time?
  14. What else does his father reveal that shocks Christopher?
  15. Why, after that, does Christopher think he has to leave the house?
  16. How does he spend the night?
  17. Christopher says: "I see everything". What example does he give of this?
  18. How does Christopher feel about trying to get to the station?
  19. What does he often do to calm down and make his head clearer?
  20. What does the policeman help him to do?
  21. What happens as the train leaves?
  22. What happens after that?

Jaa, ha nu så roligt med alla dessa uppgifter. hahaha, det måste ju ta minst ett haft år!

Postat av: Sussie

klaga inte, det kunde ha varit värre! vi kunde få läxor av alla lärare heeela tiden!

2008-02-01 @ 17:33:00
Postat av: Tessan

Jävla skitkorv

2008-02-01 @ 18:54:57
Postat av: Johanna

Jaa det är sant, och de verkar inte så svåra att svara på heller, man ska bara orka läsa dem ^^

2008-02-02 @ 12:46:11
Postat av: Tessan

Jag tycker att vi stänger in James i en garderob. Och sedan kan vi göra an pjäs om honom som ska heta:

"Emo-James kommer ut ur garderoben"

2008-02-04 @ 21:28:19
Postat av: Johanna

efter två år kommer han ut?
Ja tack, då kanske vi får **** i engelska
Hahahaha, tessan du är sjuk ^^

2008-02-05 @ 13:26:14

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